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Welcome to The Banyan

Since 1993, The Banyan has worked tirelessly to provide mental health services to women and men, homeless or in the community and has advocated at the local, state and (inter)national level for holistic changes in mental health care to provide quality mental health care with dignity. We need your help to ensure we can continue this work !

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It has been 25 years since The Banyan first began as a safe haven and rehab center for homeless women with mental health issues. Over the past two decades, over 2500 homeless individuals with mental illness have found homes and built lives beyond institutions.

They have rediscovered meaning, hope and reclaimed their identity.

We have developed robust and comprehensive mental health solutions that address multifaceted components of distress beyond mental health issues, rooted in social and structural barriers.

The human rights framework through which we operate is firmly embedded in values that promote capabilities and social justice across 15 service access points, both for people living at The Banyan full-time as well as people in the community living with their families.

Our programs are adaptive, responsive, creative and co-designed by mental health service users and professionals.

We learn from their resilience and courage – they keep us committed to our cause and rooted to our vision.


An inclusive and humane world that promote capabilities, equity and justice


Enabling access to health and mental health care for persons living in poverty and homelessness through comprehensive and creative clinical and social care approaches embedded in a well-being paradigm. The needs of those who live in the margins are our collective responsibility.

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